The “Metal-Hydro Ltd” has found at 2007 by Karoly Matuz.
It’s working as a 100% Hungarian-owned family business.
Our main profile is manufacturing and planning presses and special,
unique equipments  for many areas of the industry.


Our mission:
""A new and modern technology dissemination and deliver to
those Companies and Firms that use industrial press technology.
In addition to the modernization of the production process, we can guarantee to
multiply the production speed and efficiency. ""

Our Company produce own developed Hydro-Pneumatic cylinder,
which operating costs - compared to the standard cylinders -
only 15-20 %.
This solution use of the power of hydraulics and simple handling of the pneumatics.


Compressed air operated and control the entire system (2-12 bar).
It can be used foot pedal or push-button version.
With a pressure control valve easy to set the
required pressing force within the range.



Our presses are excellent for:
- automatization systems
- die set tools
- stamping tools
- cut in pieces jobs

The main advantages of our presses are,

there is no need to:

- hydraulic power supply

- more liter hydraulic tank

- hydraulic oil



If you are interested please visit us in person,

but in the mean time, get to know our products on our website.

We wish you enjoy to visit this site!

Karoly Matuz


Said about us:

"I should have order this machine in our first meeting,
because it's produce it's own price 1 month earlier
and make profit sooner!" B.J. e. contractor

"I was hoping with this investment we can raise the
piece numbers.
But I would not have thought that we increase in
production 62%." D.P. contractor

"Before that day also went the half day off with
changing the tools. This was not an effective method.
Metal-Hydro Ltd. made 3 presses for 3 tools and after
our making became to carefree!" K.N. contractor

We delivered our machines
free in Hungary!
Warranty: 1 year
Our services:
- manufacture of Presses
- hydro-pneumatic cylinders
- cutting and punching tools
- special machine design
- prototyping
- CNC machining
- CNC milling
- CNC turning
- turning
- manufacture of steel structures
- assembly, machine configuration
- welding and spot welding

Karoly Matuz - manager
Tel: (+36) 20 965 9909

E-mail: info@presgepgyartas.hu